Price per week

September to July


Trullo Maresca (4 persons) (1)

550 €

650 €

La Rondine (2 persons) (1)

550 €

650 €

Trullo Maresca + bedroom and bathroom in La  Rondine (6 persons) (2)

800 €

900 €

Trullo Maresca & La Rondine (6 persone) (3)

Trullo Maresca & La Rondine (6 persons) (3)

Trullo Maresca & La Rondine (6 personnes) (3)

1000 €

1200 €

(1) If you rent one of the two locations only, we will not rent the other one in order to preserve your privacy.

(2) In this case, you will NOT have access to the living room and kitchen in La Rondine.

(3) In this case, you have full access to both locations.

The price is identical independently from the number of people with however a maximum of four people in the Trullo and 2 people in Le Rondine.  

Upon your departure, the Trullo and/or Le Rondine must be perfectly clean.  You may ask us to take care of the final cleaning for which we charge:

- 60 € for the Trullo,

- 90 € for the Trullo and La Rondine.

Your booking will be valid after payment of a 30% deposit, the remainder being due one week before your arrival at the latest.  A rental guarantee of 100€ is also requested, which will be refunded at the end of your stay after we have checked that you leave the Trullo in the state in which it was found.

Please contact us to check the availability.